Trinidad & Tobago: Griffith to Kamla on Nakhid: Silence means consent

In the latest development in an exchange of statements between Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and the Opposition, Griffith has called on Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to address the ‘loose cannon’, Sen,ator David Nakhid.

In another statement last night responding to the United National Congress’ (UNC) statement on the dangers of a police state, Griffith said the Persad-Bissessar should address Nakhid’s call for him to resign:

‘The Commissioner of Police sees it as ironic of the Opposition Leader to ask the COP to work with all bodies, when she has, what can only be described as, a loose cannon Senator referring to the Police as the enemy, and demanding that the Police Commissioner resign.’

‘The Commissioner also notes that not once, since Senator Nakhid has attacked the TTPS, and leveled unfounded accusations against them, has she refuted his comments and claims.’

‘This silence by the Opposition Leader will lead all right-thinking citizens to believe that the UNC supports and endorses Senator Nakhid’s position, unless she states otherwise.’


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