Suriname: SLM must develop a plan to become profitable and profitable

The management of the Surinamese Airline Company (SLM) will have to work out a thorough plan on how the business operations can become profitable and profitable in their entirety. President Chan Santokhi is looking forward to a recovery plan from the company’s leadership, “because this is a serious crisis.” During a meeting, the SLM leadership provided clarity to a government delegation, led by the president, on the state of affairs of the business.

It concerns the financial situation, challenges, cutbacks, prospects, impact of COVID-19 on business operations and proposals with regard to the fleet. The action points are mainly related to austerity measures to possibly get the company out of the crisis situation. Furthermore, the head of state has called on the SLM representatives to also examine how other aviation companies are dealing with challenges and cutbacks. In addition, more opportunities to increase revenues must be sought.

Improvement points
Minister Albert Jubithana of Transport, Communication and Tourism has raised some points for improvement. He urged the representatives to get out of their seats to get the business in order to increase the company’s revenues. Jubithana cites as an example the French oil company, which will fly technical personnel from Paris via French Guiana, in order to eventually transport them to Suriname with smaller aircraft. SLM could respond to this development, says the TCT CEO.

American Airlines’ plans to start flights to Suriname this year have also been discussed. The president asked those present whether they see this development as a threat or as an opportunity. He thinks it appropriate that the Surinamese carrier looks at ways of cooperating with the American airline and using the possibilities to possibly provide services to that airline.


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