Suriname: Sellers in the center of Paramaribo removed by police

People who sell vegetables and other products along the streets in the center of Paramaribo were removed by the police this morning. The products that are sold were also confiscated.

A 31-year-old saleswoman whose belongings were confiscated by the police indicates in conversation with Suriname Herald that she has no other source of income. “The vegetables I sell have been confiscated by the police. We live in an expensive time. Where am I going to find money to buy other goods. I have no other job and if you qualify for a job, you only get SRD 50 to SRD 60 a day and that is not money to live. ”

She says she has to pay SRD 1,500 in rent every month. “I have to come and hustle to support myself and my children. The land has become expensive and no one has a job for us. The government is not helping us”, the concerned saleswoman indicates.

A few women of Haitian descent say that they cannot sell in the Haitian market because there are no sales in the market. “People are not coming. You go to the market and nobody comes to buy something while you can still sell something in the center and now the police are running after us because we are not allowed to sell. ”


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