NYC: Dad of woman allegedly killed by ‘A-Train Ripper’ Rigoberto Lopez issues urgent plea to NYC

The grieving father of the woman killed by the “A-Train Ripper” called on the city Tuesday to put more cops in its crime-wracked subways to stop the violence.

“If they had more police on the train, Claudine would be here,” Winston Roberts told The Post, referring to his slain daughter.

Claudine Roberts, 44, was sleeping on an A train Saturday when 21-year-old Rigoberto Lopez allegedly stabbed her seven times with a kitchen knife — part of a random spree that left another man dead and two more wounded.

“My loss is gone already, it can’t come back. But you have to put [more police] there for the future to protect other people,’’ said Winston Roberts, a 73-year-old Brooklyn widower.

Claudine was homeless, as were Lopez’s other victims and the suspect himself, authorities said.

She suffered from mental issues that kept her on the streets, with social services programs unable to help — especially during COVID-19, her family said.


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