Bahamas: Bud Light says 25% of its beers coming into country are “unofficial imports”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bud Light has introduced a unique label for consumers to identify its officially imported beer after finding that approximately 25 percent of Bud Light beers coming into the country recently have been “unauthorized”.

In a statement calling attention to the matter and outlining steps taken to mitigate it, company officials said such unofficial imports “hurt our country, our company and Bahamian staff”.

Oranique Hamilton, Bud Light trade marketing supervisor for The Bahamas, said: “We’ve unfortunately become aware of many people who have been purchasing unofficially imported Bud Light.

“Bud Light cares deeply about the product our fans consume, and so our distribution partners have created a label unique for The Bahamas, saying ‘The Official Imported Beer of The Bahamas’ on our authorized products.”

Elena Gonzalez, sales and marketing manager of the Bahamas branch of Anheuser Busch, of which Bud Light is a product, said: “Currently, about 25 percent of the Bud Light products are coming unauthorized into the islands.

“Those importing Bud Light not through the authorized dealer are not liable to pay the correct taxes and VAT (value-added tax) on their products.


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