After a year like no other, YouTube is previewing what’s next

Since 2015, Neal Mohan has been chief product officer of YouTube, making him the executive with overall responsibility for its user experience.

More than ever, though, looking at YouTube as one thing with a single experience defies the reality of Mohan’s job. After all, there are several YouTubes: the one where the world goes to watch user-uploaded videos, of course, but also offshoots such as YouTube TV and YouTube Kids. Even if you’re just talking about YouTube in its most classic form, there are two distinct experiences—one for the folks who do all that watching, and one for the people who create the videos.

The bottom line: YouTube isn’t one thing, any more than its parent company, Google, is just a search engine.

I recently spoke with Mohan about YouTube’s product plans for the rest of the year. The most striking thing about them is their sheer diversity: There’s a lot of stuff in the works across YouTube in all its incarnations, all due over the coming weeks and months.


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