Trinidad & Tobago: Woman stabs man who attempted to abduct her

Police were once again called to the Aripo community on Sunday morning, when a woman reported to investigators that someone had attempted to abduct her. 

She said she was only able to get away from her attacker because she had a knife in her purse. 

However, even after she had wounded her assailant, had it not been for a resident of the area driving past at the same time, she may not have escaped. 

The incident happened at about 7.10am on Sunday. 

Police were told the woman entered a silver Nissan Tiida which bore ‘H’ plates in Arima, and asked to be taken to Cumuto. However, while en route, the driver drove off onto Aripo Road. 

The woman, realizing that there had been a detour, demanded that the driver turn around or stop the car. She was ignored. 

The victim then took the knife out of her purse and slashed the left side of the driver’s face. 


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