This is when quitting your job can be a good idea

Generally, society tends to prize that workers should never quit. The idea like “never give up,” and “stick it out” are common phrases meant to encourage people to just keep going.

As far as maxims go, they are not wrong. Resilience is crucial to success. However, I’d like to draw a distinction between sticking it out for the sake of not giving up or not wanting to look “wrong” and sticking it out because you are 100% committed to what you have chosen, because it aligns with your values and strengths.

If it’s for the sake of the first reason, I’d like to introduce the idea of “strategic quitting.” Seth Godin talks about this in his book, The Dip, when there is nowhere to grow, it’s time to get out and reallocate your resources. Quit quickly, until you find the thing that you love and are committed to 100%, and then, stick it out, until you become the best in the world.

How does that work in a business context? Decide on a goal and vision that you are 100% committed to. I mean the big picture goal, about what impact you want to have on people. Then, be prepared to change and pivot the steps you take on the way, to get there. If you’re constantly on the treadmill, and not getting the results you want, change the how.


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