Suriname: Volunteers help the socially disadvantaged to get Bazo cards

A group of volunteers, united in the organization Behartiging Community Workers, meets the disadvantaged by helping to prepare their Bazo cards. They do this by doing much of the running gear for these individuals. For example, they provide the re-registration forms to the people who need a Bazo card. Hariëtte Melcherts, representative of the group, tells Suriname Herald that people have to prepare a lot of paperwork before they can submit an application.

When people register at the Sozavo office on the Gemenelandsweg, they receive a re-registration form with the notification that they must submit it filled in with the underlying documents such as a printout of their EBS and SWM accounts, a copy of the family book, doctor’s statement and other documents, Melcherts explains.

She immediately adds that because of the COVID situation, the government should actually meet the people to bring the forms to them. People are also driven into the costs more, while it is a group that is already having a very difficult time.


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