Suriname: Assembly member Square: “Santokhi government must promise less”

For NPS assembly member Ivanildo Square, there is certainly one thing that Santokhi government should do less and that is promise. According to him, the government is talking out of turn and that is very dangerous. “Do things when there are. For example, if I were to say that tomorrow I will give everyone an x ​​amount, then I know that I will be ready tomorrow. But if I’m not ready yet, I shouldn’t say it. Especially if it will take a while. Because they will charge me for that, ”says Plein.

He rushes further, saying that the government must take into account the time frame when it promises business. Plein discussed the matters that the government should certainly leave behind in the coming period. The nepotistic behavior of the government, as he describes it, should certainly no longer be displayed in the near future. There must be more unity in governance and that must be radiated to society as well as within parliament.

Critical attitude
Over the past eight months as a parliamentarian, he has approached matters very critically in parliament. “I am not an extension of any government. I was posted there to defend the interests of the people. So people will hear me when something goes wrong, ”says Plein.

He was one of the assembly members who disagreed with the increased transport allowance of the ministers. “The last word on this matter has not yet been said. The allowance has been kept, but it must be reversed. When we say that society has to give up, then we have to be an example, ”says the MP who wants to pick up this issue again.


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