IRS stimulus checks: You can now look up your online account to calculate if you’re owed a credit

If you didn’t get the full amount of your first or second stimulus check—or if you have no record of it, for some reason—we have some good news. The Internal Revenue Service has a spot where you can check your checks.

The agency last week said it has updated its IRS Online Account system with new information about the first and second Economic Impact Payments that were already sent to taxpayers. If you received less than you were supposed to, or if you were eligible but never received a check at all, you may be able to claim your check as a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 tax return. Logging into your online IRS account and checking your payment records there can help you calculate if you’re owed more money.

To view the information, the IRS says log into your online account and click the Tax Records tab. You should then see the following descriptions, along with the amount totals:

  • “Economic Impact Payment” (for the first check)
  • “Additional Economic Impact Payment” (for the second check)

If you’re married and filed a joint return, you and your spouse will have to sign in separately to see your individual portions of each payment.


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