Dominican Republic: A quieter Dominican Republic? Speakers seized and businesses cited for noise in Villa Duarte

As part of the work of the local Round Table on Security, Citizenship and Gender of Santo Domingo East, the Environmental Prosecutor, Robert Rodriguez, and representatives of the Regional Police Department carried out an operation to prevent noise and promote peaceful coexistence in the sector of Villa Duarte, Santo Domingo East, where they seized loudspeakers and cited colmados and colmadones for the violation of Law 64-00 and its provisions on noise pollution.

During the tour, Magistrate Rodriguez delivered citations and executed seizures to the businesses colmado Hermanos Lebron, colmado Casa Arias, and the 4P Sports Bar. The administrators of the El Faro grocery store were cited, and a loudspeaker was seized. In the colmado Súper II, a loudspeaker and a slot machine were taken. Colmado Gleny Solution, Colmado Soraya, among others, were also notified.

The operation also involved personnel from the Alcoholic Beverages Control Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and Police (COBA).

“We all have the right to recreate and have fun. But we do not have the right to prevent someone else from being at home without suffering the terrible effects of noise. That is why we are going to apply the law with all its rigor to businesses that abuse noise,” said Attorney General Robert Rodriguez.


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