10 words and phrases to stop saying in 2021

It’s probably safe to say that few people were sad to leave the “unprecedented” 2020 behind. While it provided a new perspective on life in general, it also left a lasting impact on many of the words we chose in our communications. The year minimized and diminished our choices, and it’s important not to go into 2021 with a vocabulary that perpetuates the experience, says Terre Short, leadership coach and author of The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter.

“Choosing the right words has never been more important,” she says. “With racial injustice, and a struggle with truth and reality and a lack thereof, we’re more in tune with each other than before. 2021 has to be about word choices. By leaving diminishing words behind and choosing words that are more impactful and inspirational, we can change the outcome of 2021, creating a much more hopeful, proactive path forward.”

To provide guidance, Short created a list of 10 words and phrases to leave behind:


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