Trinidad & Tobago: Homemade explosives, TTDF clothing, drugs found in Pleasantville

Homemade fire explosives, camouflage clothing bearing the insignia of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and over 700 grammes of marijuana, were found and seized by officers of the Southern Division Task Force. 

The find was made during a police operation led by Snr Supt Winchester, Supt Jackman, Supt Carty, ASP Ramdass and Insp Phillip. 

The officers searched several areas in the communities of San Fernando, Mon Repos, Princes Town, St Margarets and Marabella – with the aim of targeting drug block areas. 

A 24-year-old man of Cipero Road, Borde Narve Village, Princes Town, was held for possession of 120 grammes of marijuana. 

The current legal limit for marijuana possession per person is 30 grammes. He has since been charged by PC Legendre for the offence. 

Also, a search was conducted in the staircase of Building 3, Cassia Avenue, Pleasantville and 600 grammes of marijuana were found. In this area, police also found and seized a TTDF camouflage jacket, a TTDF jersey, and a quantity explosive like objects were found.


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