Suriname: First lady donates SRD 500 vouchers

First lady Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry last Thursday provided needy citizens with vouchers worth SRD 500. With this she wants to give further substance to her aim to help meet the needs of society. Persons within the Paramaribo Center, who had been identified in advance, were eligible for a voucher. Citizens of senior citizens who were encountered on the street were also surprised with a coupon from the first lady.

More than 100 households along Kwattaweg, Keizerstraat and Drambrandersgracht (each with side roads) have been visited. Both Jurgen Adely, who was installed by President Chan Santokhi to help disadvantaged people, and Preshant Baldew (policy adviser to the head of state) say the project will be continued. The intention is to issue more coupons from Combémarkt to an equal number of households.

Adely emphasizes that support is indispensable and that people desperately need it. “They will be able to make good use of the coupons,” he adds. Baldew explains that a team from the Institute of the First Lady went into the field beforehand and registered people in need of support. Once in the field, a coupon was also issued to older people who the team met on the street.


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