St. Vincent & Grenadines: Man says 2lbs was his ‘quarantine weed’

A man who was nabbed with just under two pounds of marijuana told police that it was his “quarantine weed fuh smoke”.

Erasto Nero, of Edinboro, maintained that that was the case after pleading guilty last Thursday at the Serious Offences Court to a charge that on Tuesday, Feb. 9, he had in his possession 832 grammes of cannabis, at Questelles.

Nero was arrested when police, as part of an operation, stopped motor vehicle PD 298 outside the Questelles Police Station and conducted a search of the heavily tinted vehicle.

The vehicle was driven by Eric Conliffe, of Kingstown, and the other passenger was Linford George Robinson, 39, of Kingston, Jamaica, at whose apartment police found an AR-15 rifle and 6o rounds of ammunition later that same day.

Inside the car, police saw a white plastic bag at Nero’s feet in the front passenger seat, containing loose plant material resembling cannabis.


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