NYC: ‘A-Train Ripper’ couldn’t meet with social worker due to COVID-19, brother claims

The mentally unstable “A-Train Ripper’’ suspect had a social worker assigned to help him last spring — but the pair could only talk by phone because of COVID-19, leaving him flailing, his brother told The Post on Monday.

“I spoke to his social worker,’’ said suspect Rigoberto Lopez’s sibling, Oscar. “She said that the only help he was going to get was by phone.

“I said, ‘This is not going to help,’ ’’ Oscar recalled. “ ‘[Rigoberto’s] got big issues. He’s frustrated.’ ”

At the time, Rigoberto — who has previously been hospitalized at least twice for mental-health issues, according to cops — had been living at home since being sprung from jail by his family for allegedly assaulting a cop a few months earlier.

But he was unbearable to live with — threatening kin with violence, Oscar said — and left the home by May or June.


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