Jamaica: Manchester man gets a total of 33 years for sexual assault of 14-y-o

A Manchester man who had sex with his wife’s 14-year-old niece has been sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison.

His name is being withheld to protect the identity of the victim.

He was given the mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison for having sex with a person under-16 years-old; 15 years for grievous sexual assault and three years in prison at hard labour for sexual touching.

The sentences, which are to be served simultaneously, were imposed by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes in the Manchester Circuit Court last Friday, weeks after he was found guilty of the offences.

Sykes, in explaining his decision to impose the mandatory minimum sentence, pointed out that the Manchester man was a person in authority over the child, as defined in law.

Further, he said engaging in sexual intercourse with a child creates psychological scars which affect them throughout their adult years and that the law should serve as protection for children.


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