Brands Against Humanity is here to remind you that your favorite company is still evil

Cards Against Humanity is a hit game for all sorts of reasons. Above all its crude, mad-libs style humor offers people a way to laugh at the more cynical sides of their personality. But what happens when you aim that same, dark sensibility at brands?

The jokes seem a lot less funny—and for good reason.

Brands Against Humanity is a card game developed by the creative team Ellie & Elisa. Its white and black graphic design is a spitting image for Cards Against Humanity, but it’s free to download and print, as the project was developed wholly independently from the original game.

Instead of setting up pop culture and poop jokes, each white card in Brands Against Humanity lists an exceptionally egregious and unethical decision that a famous company has made in the past. “You can totally play it,” creators Elisa Czerwenka and Ellie Daghlian assure me over email. “We just can’t say how good the vibes will be if you make jokes about Johnson and Johnson’s asbestos baby powder. Probably depends on the crowd.”


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