Bahamas: “We will not be ignored”, says taxi union president

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Taxi Cab Union President Wesley Ferguson said yesterday that taxi drivers plan to stage a protest again this Wednesday, telling Eyewitness News the union “will not be ignored”.

Ferguson said that following last week’s protest, the union had received no communication from the government to address their longstanding concerns.

“The government hasn’t said anything to us. Not a single word,” said Ferguson.

“We aren’t going anywhere. They’re not going to ignore us so that we simply go away. We will not be ignored. We plan to go back downtown on Wednesday.”

The taxi union president recently told Eyewitness News the union was past the negotiation stage and was seeking decisive action on their longstanding issues.

Taxi drivers staged a protest last week despite Minister of Labor, Transport and Local Government Dion Foulkes’ assurance that the government will review the longstanding practice of leasing taxi plates to drivers and bring an end to the “unfair practice”.


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