Suriname: ABOP does not shy away from challenges

The General Liberation and Development Party (ABOP) commemorates its 31th anniversary today. The party was founded on February 11, 1990, by a group of development-oriented Surinamese of Maroon descent. “We do not hide the ethnic basis of the party, but are proud that, by waging a genuine struggle, we are, in the first instance, for the Maroon community and now also for our Hindustani, Javanese, Indigenous, Jewish and Creole brothers and sisters. come up, ”writes the party.

The ABOP has been underestimated from its inception, and the party was often looked down upon, which was the catalyst to work harder, to perform better and to achieve a better election result every time. The members and leaders of the ABOP have no culture of giving up. If we had listened to the doomsayers, we would have long since stopped politics.

ABOP does not shy away from challenges, because we know that a bad social situation can be changed, especially by political power. For the past 31 years, that has always been the goal of the party. Opportunities for the underprivileged, by giving the socially disadvantaged the opportunity to develop themselves. The ABOP believes that every Surinamese, regardless of place of residence or culture, should have the opportunity to strive for prosperity, well-being and joy.


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