St. Vincent & Grenadines: Diamond athletic track to get 24-hour security

There will soon be round-the-clock security at the Sir Vincent Beache Athletics Track at Diamond, which is being “abused” mere months after its “soft opening”.

Speaking in Parliament during the Budget Debate, Minister of Sport, Frederick Stephenson, noted that the athletic track and football field, which have been completed, are part of what is intended to be the national stadium.

“But we had a soft opening of the athletics track and we saw some of our top athletes utilising the track for some activities as we opened the track and some other sporting activities have been going on there from the athletics association and some of the smaller associations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Stephenson said.

“However, we have seen sometimes and the latest video we have seen coming from the athletics track are of some little children, who were there, I was told, with their parents.

“They went to visit the track — because an area of the fence is left exposed for the residents of Diamond, not on the housing side of Diamond, but the old Diamond village,” said Stephenson, who represents South Windward, the constituency in which the facility is located.


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