Trinidad & Tobago: Cardi B, regional voices weigh in on Andrea’s passing

News of Andrea Bharatt’s death didn’t just resonate in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Even music sensation, Cardi B, who has Trinidadian parentage responded indirectly to the tragedy. Taking to Twitter, Cardi quoted a post wishing peaceful transitions for women who were victims of gender-based violence. 

“I feel like this year & last year we have seen so much disgusting crimes & evilness happening due to this pandemic sh*t getting in people’s head. I hate that defenceless people especially women are going thru this evil sh*t. I pray for peace in the world,” she wrote. 

Caribbean bloggers have also weighed in. Babbzy, a blogger from Barbados who lives in Canda, called on local authorities to do better.  

Referring to the now-deceased suspect who conjured over 70 criminal charges in relation to other, similar incidents, Babbzy said police officers need to be held accountable for their lack of action.


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