Jamaica: Agri-mart generating lots of excitement

Karen Demns who oversees the daily operation of the Agri-mart is particularly fascinated by the recent uptick in plant sales, which caught her by surprise. She attributes this to the fact that more people are spending time at home.

“Plant sales are trending up since COVID. People we didn’t expect to see planting, they are getting into it,” she said.

Demns said the reaction is usually one of excitement when potential clients realise the full extent of the line of products offered by the Agri-mart.

“They are so excited when they come across something and every day there is someone new in here and the reaction is the same. We have had customers from as far as Switzerland and Africa who have visited when they are on vacation, while some will ask relatives to pick up for them. The local pancake mix is another big hit, especially for North American visitors when they realise there is an alternative to the Aunt Jemima brand, to which they are accustomed. Once they taste they are converted.”


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