5 ways to improve your ability to have meaningful conversations

Today, many of us feel disconnected from each other. The pandemic has created a world where we talk to each other via Zoom, wave at our neighbors from a distance, and rarely interact with new people.

It’s not just COVID-19 that has created this distance. Families are smaller, marriages are fewer, and more people live alone. As a result studies indicate that many people feel more lonely than ever.

I recently interviewed Riaz Meghji, a human connection expert and author of the recently published book, Every Conversation Counts. He believes that conversations can be a great source of the connectedness we humans crave.

Here are five ways to increase your ability to have meaningful conversations:


Listening is hard work—and we’ve gotten somewhat lazy about it. But if you listen well you can build that emotional connection with others. The average person speaks at the rate of 125 words per minute, but people can take in 400-500 words a minute. This means that 75% of the time we seem to be listening we could be (and often are) distracted.


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