Suriname: Judgment in Akiemboto case Thursday

The judge will rule on Thursday in the case that Sergio Akiemboto (NDP) has brought against the chairman of the National Assembly (DNA) and the state of Suriname. The verdict is at 8.30 am.

Suriname Herald has heard this from Akiemboto’s lawyer, Nailah van Dijk. When asked what she expects from the judge’s decision, she says: “I cannot comment on that. Now it is the judge’s turn ”.

Akiemboto asks the judge to rule on his case because assembly chairman Marinus Bee refuses to admit him as an assembly member. Bee believes that Akiemboto is no longer an assembly member.

On January 5, Akiemboto sent his letter of resignation to President Chan Santokhi. According to Van Dijk, the president failed to complete the termination process in accordance with the Electoral Regulations to forward the letter to the president of DNA.

In the meantime, Akiemboto has changed his mind and on January 18 withdrew the letter from the president. According to Van Dijk, there is nothing wrong with this, because the legislator has indicated in the Electoral Regulations how the process of termination, if you resign yourself, is completed.


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