NYC: Coyote spotted in Central Park

Howl about that?

A coyote was spotted strolling in Central Park in a rare sighting over the weekend — as hundreds of people flocked there to catch a glimpse of a historic snowy owl, a parkgoer said.

“We were heading home after searching for and not finding the snowy owl. It was a thrill! A huge consolation prize!” Nancy Mendoza wrote on Twitter.

The encounter occurred around 11 p.m. Saturday west of the Reservoir, according to birder David Barrett who documented the sighting on his Twitter account Manhattan Bird Alert.

“It’s not something people commonly see,” Barrett told The Post.

“It’s a rarity, they’re great at avoiding people. It’s a rare and wonderful sighting.”

Still, he said, it’s not the first time that the beast has been spotted stalking the green space in recent years.

“This coyote seems to like it there. It probably has a system down where it’s getting the prey it wants to get and living the life it wants,” Barrett said. “It wouldn’t naturally want to wander away from a situation like that.”


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