Louisiana woman who used Gorilla Glue to style hair eyes lawsuit

A Louisiana woman who’s gone viral as the “Gorilla Glue Girl” with a video on TikTok and Instagram is considering a lawsuit after using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive in place of actual hair spray.

TMZ reported that Tessica Brown has hired an attorney and is discussing possible litigation against Gorilla Glue. She reportedly spent 22 hours in the emergency room at a hospital after she used the company’s heavy-duty Spray Adhesive when she ran out of the hair spray she usually uses, Got2b Glued.

“I figured if I used the Gorilla Glue — you know, by the time I got home, I could have just washed it out,” she told a Toronto radio show. “But when I tried to wash it out, it didn’t move.”

Brown says her hair has been rock-solid for a month now, despite efforts to remove the glue with rubbing alcohol.


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