Dominican Republic: “Expensive, everything is very expensive”

Expensive, everything is expensive,” is how Dani Rivas, a merchant at the livestock fair, responded when asked about the main foodstuffs’ prices of the basic food basket.

This Monday, after a tour of markets and grocery stores in the Capital, business owners agreed that meats, eggs, and oil are the products that have experienced the most significant increase.

A half-gallon of oil used to sell for RD$190 is now sold at RD$250, for an increase of RD$60; the gallon and the “jumbo” container cost RD$420 and RD$725, respectively.

In the case of eggs, the merchants assured that since three months ago, the carton had become one of the most expensive staple products in the grocers and markets since from RD$90 or RD$100 it went to cost double, that is, RD$180 and RD$200.

“I had never sold eggs so expensive,” said Ramón Domínguez, a merchant in one of the stores around the Mercado Modelo.


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