Jamaica: Rocky Point target man – Nicholas Graham on police radar since 2016; family claims years-long vendetta, trumped-up charge

When placard-bearing residents of Rocky Point mounted an angry protest against a police detention three days after a mystery plane crash-landed on January 23, it was a flash point that elevated a little-known Clarendon power broker to a national profile.

Police and soldiers held 44-year-old businessman Nicholas Graham, better known as ‘Pitty’, and conducted searches of his home in the seaside community as theories swirled about whether the deregistered 12-seater plane was on a drug mission. The occupants have not been located.

National security officials have been tight-lipped on the investigations, saying that they know who had manned the aircraft and that Jamaica was not their original destination. No cargo was reportedly found.

The convergence of Rocky Point’s reputation as a drug trans-shipment node and Graham’s still-lingering cocaine charge may have been linked to his detention, but he appears to be at the centre of a long-running investigation.


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