Jamaica: Four houses firebombed in Lionel Town, Rocky Point days apart

Jennifer Forbes Thomas of Rocky Point in Clarendon says her family is still reeling from the trauma of their home being firebombed last Thursday.

Relating her experience to The Gleaner, she said she was sleeping when she heard banging at her window and the sound of glass breaking, followed by an explosive sound.

In no time, the house was a furnace of fear and screams.

“I was scared that probably a gunman was outside the door. I didn’t see any gunman or anything, so mi run cross the fence and call mi neighbour,” she said, adding that her husband rushed to throw water on the fire.

A Molotov cocktail, or ‘bottle bomb’, was found inside the house where Forbes Thomas lived with her husband and her daughter.

“The whole family of us traumatised. Mi just a try fi heng on and see what can be done,” Forbes Thomas said.

Neighbours worked feverishly in a bid to extinguish the blaze. A mattress and some clothes were lost.


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