Jamaica: ‘Atrocious’…interest group says abortion proposal must be rejected

Religious interest group Jamaica CAUSE has described as atrocious, disgraceful and alarming, a proposal that minors should be allowed to terminate pregnancies without parental consent and says such a move should be rejected by all well-thinking Jamaicans.

Local think tank Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) put forward the proposal as part of a study on abortion in Jamaica.

Read: Grant minors access to abortions without parental consent – CAPRI

Bishop Dr Alvin Bailey,  said such a call could be translated to mean that these persons of high intelligence and outstanding academic achievements are spiritually deprived in advocating abortion as a method of contraceptive.
Bailey said CAPRI’S suggestion has exposed the moral and ethical crisis that now exists in Jamaica.
“This is an abomination and is contrary to Christian values.  To condemn to death our unborn children for the expediency of socio-economic benefits is contemporary barbarism,” he noted.


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