Bahamas: FNM chairman: Speaker couldn’t get his way so “picks up the marbles and goes”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Carl Culmer said yesterday he does not believe Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie’s resignation from the FNM has damaged the party or its chances of winning the Nassau Village seat or the election.

Moultrie, the Nassau Village MP, resigned last week, citing an untenable relationship with the governing party.

He said he will stay on as the speaker until the House is prorogued to replace him or dissolved for a general election.

In a brief statement yesterday, the FNM said: “We have received Speaker D Halson Moultrie’s resignation from the FNM and look forward to continuing to work with the Nassau Village MP to uphold democracy, transparency and accountability, all of which are core values of the FNM’s agenda.”

When contacted, Culmer told Eyewitness News: “We will win Nassau Village. It’s like when a guy is losing the game of marbles, he wants to pick up all the marbles in the game and go with it. No, the FNM will win Nassau Village.


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