Trinidad & Tobago: Young: TSTT working to ensure CCTV cameras functional

Non-functional CCTV cameras are being removed across T&T, while those that are usable are being repaired to ensure they’re operational as part of crime-fighting measures.

This, as Police Commissioner Gary Griffith revealed that around 800 CCTV cameras across the country are non-functional. The cameras in operation, he said, offer coverage of just two per cent of the country’s geography.

Responding to an urgent question in the Parliament on Friday, National Security Minister Stuart Young said TSTT, with the assistance of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), is working on an interim arrangement.

The Minister said: “They are currently in the process of repairing cameras that can be repaired, removing cameras that have been destroyed – intentionally and otherwise – and getting the system to a better level of operationality. We’ve told them that it is unacceptable that we don’t have it over at least 80 per cent operationality and that is currently being done.”


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