NYC: Spike Lee chats up COVID-19 vaccine seekers at Yankee Stadium

Spike Lee on Friday morning made a surprise visit to Yankee Stadium on Opening Day — of New York City’s newest COVID-19 vaccination mega-site.

The “Do the Right Thing” director — who was there for a film shoot, not a vaccine shot –looked unassuming in a gray Yankees bomber jacket, khakis and baseball cap as he chatted with people queued up to get their first jab.

The Bronx Bombers mecca opened up for the first time Friday as a vaccination mega-sites after weeks of delays due to vaccine shortages.

The borough has posted one of the highest coronavirus positivity rates. Only Bronx residents will be able to be vaccinated there.

Several hundred people were lined up early to get the first shot of the two-dose vaccine.

Officials said they’d already administered jabs to a couple hundred people before mid-morning at the stadium, where appointments are fully booked for at least the next five days.


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