How L.A. built homeless housing in just 4 weeks

In Los Angeles, where tens of thousands of people experience homelessness on any given night, a new supportive housing project has just contributed 84 homes to help get people off the streets. Thanks to modular construction and a replicable design, hundreds more of these homes are on the way.

Factory-built steel modules were used to construct the new housing project, called Hope on Alvarado, which has on-site services, full-time counselors, rooftop gardens, and a courtyard. Three more projects based on this design will break ground later this month.

After the concrete base was built, the process of constructing the housing units was fast, with the steel modules craned into place in just four weeks. The project, though, has been in the works for years. In 2016, architect Mark Oberholzer got a call from a developer looking to build permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless people. The developer, Aedis Real Estate Group, wanted to use premade shipping containers for the project’s structure.


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