Suriname: Somohardjo: new car allowance is austerity measure

“It is a car grant that is awarded to us and this is in the context of the cutbacks,” said Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior (Biza), who already hit the missive in December 2020 for the new car grant for members of the Santokhi government, in conversation with Suriname Herald.

He indicates that the government members rented a car for SRD 40,000 to SRD 50,000 per month. The government has opted for this model instead. When using their own vehicles, government members will receive SRD 15,000 per month. In the context of cutbacks, the statutory regulation has been increased, the Biza minister quotes.

According to the minister, the previous government has bought up all vehicles and that has resulted in a shortage of vehicles. As a result, the new government members had to rent vehicles when they took office. “The amount must be attractive to the members of the government to use their vehicles. I think it’s a good decision instead of SRD 50,000 per month for a rental car and US $ 900 for your own car. More than 100 vehicles have been sold at the Ministry of the Interior alone, ”the minister said.


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