Suriname: Brunswijk helps solve the children’s drinking water problem

The Hope for Children Foundation has been struggling for some time with a malfunctioning water installation. The Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM) has solved this problem in collaboration with Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk. The vice president, who cares about children, immediately agreed to help.

The Santokhi government advocates that everyone in Suriname should have access to healthy and reliable drinking water. That is also the motto of the SWM, says Clifton Linga, head of the Technical Service at SWM.

SWM director Marlon Oosterling immediately responded to the letter from Anthony Chin A Fat, director of the Hope for Children Foundation. SWM, in collaboration with Brunswijk, immediately took sustainable measures. Now the children have access to tap water all day long, both upstairs and downstairs.

Chin A Fat took care of the children after the death of his wife. A good father does not abandon his children, he emphasized. Together with the general manager and a handful of employees, they care for 56 children. These are children who have had to deal with a traumatic event, in the age group of two to 22 years.


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