How to hide your weed from your kids

It is one of the great dilemmas of modern parenting, right up there with when to potty train and whether to allow screen time: how to hide your weed from your kids.

You don’t want the little ones to accidentally eat it, and you don’t want the older ones to steal it. If you’re a conscientious parent, you likely have a makeshift hiding spot in your sock drawer or on a high shelf in your closet. Wherever it is, I guarantee you, your 16-year-old knows about it.

Sharon Kevil, a designer in Milwaukee, has a more secure solution: furniture that’s explicitly designed to hide your stash. Her company Forti Goods sells bedside tablescoffee tablescredenzas, and cabinets with built-in locks that can be opened and closed via an app. Made in the Midwest of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, these are premium products, costing between $1,850 and $4,200. They’re meant for discerning adults who like to indulge, but have aged out of the life stage where a Jerry Garcia tapestry over the futon is the ultimate home decor. (And as Kevil points out, it’s not like weed is the only thing people want to keep stowed away in a bedside table.) “Cannabis has grown up and so have the people who are using it,” Kevil says. “Our furniture helps elevate the experience for modern parents.”


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