Dominican Republic: In February, the upward trend in commodity prices worsens

Santo Domingo – While different business associations announce that the prices of various products, both locally produced and imported, will increase, consumers and workers say their purchasing power is increasingly minimal.

The Dominican Association of Purified Water Processors announced that the price of bottled water would increase this month, in addition to the increases in the basic grocery basket of products.

The association explained that the readjustment is five pesos to the current cost of the water bottle, but this will vary depending on the establishment of sale. This increase is applied together with other products, such as soybean oil of 128 ounces, which increased 86.6 pesos from July of last year.

This product was sold in the market at an average price of RD$386.39. At the end of January, it was at 472.99 pesos, according to the survey corresponding to January 29 of this year by the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Instituto Nacional de Protección de los Derechos del Consumidor).


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