Bahamas: “Cut the nonsense and pay us”: Nurses protest in Rawson Square

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Several nurses demonstrated outside of the House of Assembly yesterday in an effort to urge the government to pay money owed to them and protest against what they claimed is a continued lack of respect and unfair treatment.

The nurses chanted “we deserve better; we deserve respect” as they marched around the Lower Chamber in Parliament Square holding up placards that read: “Nurses don’t work for free”, “Give us our money”, “Nurses lives matters”, “Where’s your compassion?”, and “Protect us! We have families to go home to”.

Several parliamentarians opted to cross the nurses’ picket line to greet the healthcare workers and listen to their concerns.

These included Mount Moriah MP Marvin Dames, Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis, Exumas and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper, Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin, Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine and Fort Charlotte MP Mark Humes.

Bahamas Nurses Union (BNU) President Amancha Williams said several nurses in the Department of Public Health have still not been paid for overtime worked during Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and throughout the coronavirus pandemic last year.


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