Suriname: 21-year-old arrested for attempted bribe police officer

The 21-year-old SK was arrested on January 26 at the Jodenbreestraat near the Jodenbree Mall during a traffic check. At one point, a policeman who was conducting a traffic check on the day in question saw a vehicle approaching without a front number plate and tinted windows. The police officer ordered the driver to stop.

He told the man that he was in violation and would be summoned. The offender got out of the car and in order to continue on his way undisturbed, the driver tried to bribe the law enforcement officer for the violation found.

The policeman immediately responded to this by immediately arresting SK for committing the offense and transferring it to the police station on Keizerstraat. After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, SK was placed in custody pending the investigation.


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