Suriname: Seizure of 19.5 million euros from Suriname has rightly been lifted

The criminal seizure of a money transport of 19.5 million euros from Suriname has rightly been lifted due to state immunity. That is the conclusion of Advocate General Taru Spronken in a case in which the Noord-Holland District Court ruled on a notice of complaint filed by (among others) the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS).

The court ruled that the complaint was well-founded and ordered the return of a shipment of money from Suriname that had been seized at Schiphol on April 17, 2018 and had as its final destination Hong Kong. According to the court, the seizure was in violation of public international law (international law). According to Advocate General (ag) Spronken, this judgment is correct, so that she advises the Supreme Court in the Netherlands to dismiss the appeal in cassation lodged by the Public Prosecution Service.

Background to the case
The seized money consisted of cash euro notes from three Surinamese commercial banks. It was sent by order of the CBvS via Schiphol Airport to the Bank of China in Hong Kong. The background to this is that more cash enters Suriname than exits the country and the CBvS converts the resulting surplus into cashless money. To this end, the CBvS has entered into an agreement with the Bank of China, which will transfer the cash euros back to the account held by the CBvS at De Nederlandsche Bank after receiving the cash.


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