Suriname: FAI Jarikaba staff back to work

Food and Agriculture Industries (FAI) Jarikaba employees resumed work today after taking a one-day campaign yesterday. The FAI management has informed the union that the SZF insurance of the personnel has been made in order. Federal chairman Rodney Cabenda tells Suriname Herald that the employees had quit their work yesterday because their SZF insurance was not in order.

Staff were not insured since December 31, 2020. The insurance cards were not renewed and that caused unrest among the staff. The union has discussed this with the management many times. “Every time we were told that it will be arranged for the coming week,” says Cabenda.

With this information he approached the staff at FAI Jarikaba. People have run out of patience, so they took action. The union has taken over the spontaneous action of the staff.

Not being insured for a month is a risk for staff, Cabenda believes. “Having health insurance is more than crucial now as we live in a COVID-19 pandemic,” he says.


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