Jamaica: JCF to roll out quick response team to address crime in Kingston

With a flare-up of criminal activities in sections of Kingston and St Andrew, resulting in incidents of shootings and murders, the police will be implementing a quick response/quick reaction team to address the bloodletting.

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson said the team will be rolled out in the coming weeks and will first respond to gang activities in Kingston.

“They [members of the team] will be trained in the tactical use and are being trained in the tactical use of motorcycles and their weapons to respond quickly to gang activities and other threats to the lower part of Kingston,” Anderson said.

He noted that the operations of the team will then expand to the northern parts of Kingston, and then into St Andrew. 

But in relation to Kingston, Anderson noted that restructuring was now ongoing to create what he described as a “more fluid citywide policing strategy”.

“We are also restructuring how we police Kingston, as we speak, to lose some of those artificial boundaries that were traditional into a more fluid citywide policing strategy,” he said, noting that criminals do not recognise those boundaries as they move across them.


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