Jamaica: Commish says people who plot to kill relatives will be caught

Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, has warned persons that they will be caught if they organise and carry out plots to kill their family members or people close to them.

“My warning and advice in these cases is that even if you are disposed to do that, the likelihood of you getting away with it is quite low,” Anderson stated during a virtual police press conference on Monday, February 1.

The warning came against the backdrop of the shocking murder of bank employee, Andrea Lowe-Garwood, inside a church in Falmouth, Trelawny on Sunday, January 31. The police have indicated that their investigation has since shown that the killing stemmed from a family dispute.

Four persons, including one who is believed to have actually shot Lowe-Garwood’s, are in police custody.

A relative of the deceased woman is numbered among those in custody over the murder, which is being categorised as a contract killing.

Anderson said some family members are no longer providing care for their loved ones.


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