‘We need to do more’ – Sean Paul says it’s time to address issues in music and ‘sickening’ crime and violence

Drawing on the 1961 British-American war film, The Guns of Navarone, Grammy Award-winning dancehall artiste Sean Paul has painted yet another grim picture of Jamaica’s massive crime problem with a song of the same name. Partnering with fellow entertainer Jesse Royal and dub poet, Mutabaruka, the father of two is hoping to encourage gangsters to turn away from a life of crime as the latter will only lead them down two roads: death or jail.

Sean Paul’s Guns of Navarone opens with Mutabaruka questioning the logic behind choosing a life of crime. Describing the incidences of violence as traumatic, Mutabaruka said that society has so normalised these acts of war that it seems almost enjoyable to the criminal elements carrying out the brutality.

“How can a people be so traumatised that dem start to love dem traumatic experiences,” Mutabaruka asks in the song’s intro before Sean Paul gets into the chorus of the song where he laments that despite life being a most precious gift, there is no regard for it at all.


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