Suriname: Members of Para main polling station demand full payment of election money

The fact that the district commissioner of Para, Marlene Joden, indicates by means of a notice that the payment of the members of the main polling station of Para has been closed, is already a thorn in the side of the members. According to them, this can never be the case, because they have not been paid for all sessions. They demand from the ministry that the remaining money be paid out.

According to information that Suriname Herald has reached, it has turned out that no fewer than 34 of the 128 sessions have been paid. This means that members must be paid for another 94 sessions. The calculation was made by Para’s principal polling station on the basis of three hours per session. However, this is not correct with the calculation of the Ministry of the Interior (Biza).

Payment method Biza
The district administrator of Para, Lucille Amania, says that according to the number of sessions paid. According to the Ministry’s calculation, which calculates the number of sessions per meeting day, the number comes to 34.


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