Why U.S. tech giants are obsessed with ShareChat, India’s hot social network

Tech giants are running out of avenues for growth. In the search for their next batch of users, most of them have turned their attention to India, where more people have logged onto the internet for the first time in the last couple of years than the U.S.’s entire online population. And one startup has emerged as their hot ticket into the country’s most idiosyncratic audience: ShareChat.

Headquartered in the southern city of Bangalore, famously referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, ShareChat is an India-centric social network that supports over a dozen regional languages and offers most of the trappings you’d expect from such a service, such as a feed influenced by your interests and the people you follow; the ability to share media and text as well as comment and like other posts; and more.

ShareChat is wired to feed off of India’s soaring appetite for content. It’s designed to fuel new internet users’ obsession with information, and—even more importantly—their proclivity to forward that information on WhatsApp, the country’s most popular messaging app.


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