Suriname: Entrepreneur receives support from LVV

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) is doing everything it can to develop the agricultural sector in Suriname, in both city and district. One method of addressing this is to provide education from headquarters or resort offices to local farmers and businesses.

Earlier this week, the resort leader of Marowijne, Ermond Kromopawiro, paid a working visit to an agricultural company in Perica. The company that started activities not so long ago intends to set up greenhouses with the help of the ministry. Various vegetables will be grown in these greenhouses by means of the hydroponic system. Currently there is a banana plant on the property.

The director / owner of the company, Robert Saffoe, indicates that he wants to grow into a poultry company with 4,000 broilers. He is very pleased with the support that LVV resort Marowijne has provided to him so far.

“I am very grateful to the LVV resort leader of Marowijne for the support received, without them I would not have been that far. I hope, no I am convinced that I can count on their further support in the continuation of my company, ”he said.


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